uveto kalahari hat

The classic Kalahari Hat style is now available in Aqua and Bone! The Kalahari Hat is a lightweight, adjustable head covering that can be worn in a number of ways to protect the wearer from harmful UV rays.

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UVeto Australia is proudly brought to you by the team at VISIONSafe.

UVeto Australia is a specialist brand in sun protection products, including hats, gloves, safety sunglasses and more. The main focus of UVeto is the development and supply of innovative products to protect the wearer from dangerous UVR (Ultra Violet Radiation) for both work and leisure.

All of our sun safe products carry UPF (Ultra Violet Protection Factor) ratings, so whether you work outside, like to spend your leisure time in the open air, or want to let your children enjoy playing outside in the sun, you can trust UVeto Australia products to help minimise the risk.

The UVeto range of sun safe products is available through a vast network of distributors throughout Australia and other parts of the world.

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3 days ago


VISIONSafe presents a video showing the extent of work involved to complete a fit-out and installation of a customer’s car with a selection of ACOT500 emergency vehicle lighting products.

The products fitted to the vehicle range from an Assassin Light bar on the roof, recess Assassin Light bar on the rear parcel shelf to dash lights on the dashboard and numerous LED Clusters fitted to the front and rear of the vehicle.

Does your vehicle require emergency lighting installation? Contact VISIONSafe via enquiries@visionsafe.com.au for your nearest distributor.
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1 week ago


Our T52 "Small but Mighty" Torch is now in stock! Contact sales@visionsafe.com.au to find your nearest stockist!

VISIONSafe's T52 torch may be small and compact but don't let that fool you! In other words - don't judge the book by its cover, this little torch packs a punch!

T52 - Sounds like a new futuristic model of robot from a Terminator movie, but in fact makes perfect sense for the little guy - T for Torch, 5 for the five watts of power or 220 lumens and 2 for two levels - high or low beam!

Aluminium construction takes the weight of the mighty torch right down to bare minimums so it won't weigh your pockets down when not in use, and will not cause any discomfort from carrying a heavy torch when its most needed. Toughened Glass for the lens gives you confidence it will still work if accidentally dropped and the water resistance will ensure your path is illuminated even when the weather is not perfect!

T52 comes packaged with 3 AAA Energizer batteries, a wrist strap and a belt mountable pouch for easy storage.

See more information here visionsafe.com.au/vision/products-page/general-safety-lights/torch-light/
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2 weeks ago


VISIONSafe's Bottlechock advertisement has been featured on page 48 in the National Resources Review magazine.

See more information about our Bottlechock at visionsafe.com.au/vision/products-page/cylinder-restraints/bottlechock/

Get your Resources fix by viewing the online magazine here - www.nationalresourcesreview.com.au/onlineMagazine/MAY2018/index.html
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