uveto kalahari hat

The classic Kalahari Hat style is now available in Aqua and Bone! The Kalahari Hat is a lightweight, adjustable head covering that can be worn in a number of ways to protect the wearer from harmful UV rays.

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UVeto Australia is proudly brought to you by the team at VISIONSafe.

UVeto Australia is a specialist brand in sun protection products, including hats, gloves, safety sunglasses and more. The main focus of UVeto is the development and supply of innovative products to protect the wearer from dangerous UVR (Ultra Violet Radiation) for both work and leisure.

All of our sun safe products carry UPF (Ultra Violet Protection Factor) ratings, so whether you work outside, like to spend your leisure time in the open air, or want to let your children enjoy playing outside in the sun, you can trust UVeto Australia products to help minimise the risk.

The UVeto range of sun safe products is available through a vast network of distributors throughout Australia and other parts of the world.

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Workers must have access to emergency medical equipment such as a first aid kit! But, how do you choose the best first aid kit for your workplace? Consider the following in your first aid risk assessment: ⚠️ Hazards relating to the type of work you do.📍 Size & location of your workplace.👥👥 Number of people in the workplace, including staff, contractors & visitors.When you have this information, use our First Aid Kit guide to select a first aid kit for your work: visionsafe.com.au/first-aid-kit-guide/ Our most comprehensive kit, covering up to 50 low-risk or 25 high-risk workers, is the Modular First Aid Kit. This innovative kit contains a five-module treatment set containing a Burn module, Hemorrhage module, Eye module, Minor wound module, and Additional Stock module. Easily replace each module after use! Contact us today for more information! ... See MoreSee Less
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✅👷🚴 Stay Sun Safe at Work and at Play! The Tammin Hat by UVeto combines a wide brim with a neck flap to offer you the best UV protection. The Tammin was made for the Australian sun and weather: ☀️ UPF 50+ Rating☀️ Built-in Sweatband☀️ Lightweight and Cooling Design☀️ Available in 7 Colours! Get your order in today by chatting to our friendly sales team! visionsafe.com.au/product/tammin-hat/ ... See MoreSee Less
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⚠️ Maintaining site safety is crucial when operating earth-moving equipment! 📢 Reversing alarms increase equipment visibility and help keep workers and visitors safe. The A180B Reversing Alarm is a plug & play system for earth-moving equipment that produces a clear alarm with decibel variation depending on the background noise level. Designed by ACOT500, the A180B is dust proof & splash proof and operates at temperatures ranging from -40° to 80° C for year-round use! Keep moving equipment safely with high-quality reversing alarms. Contact our sales team for more information today! visionsafe.com.au/product/a180b-reversing-alarm/ ... See MoreSee Less
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