The Gobi and Gola Over Hats

We have designed the UVeto range of over hats specifically for hard hat wearers. These workers are often exposed to the harsh sun all day, with little or no head wear protection. Conveniently, the Gobi Over Hat and the Gola Over Hat will fit over most hard hats. You can even use them on bike or horse riding helmets. The Gobi and Gola provide coverage for the delicate skin on the ears and neck, as well as providing ventilation through releasable back panels.

Over Hat Design Features

The Gobi’s deep curved peak provides good shade over eye, while the rear flap covers the back of the neck.

The Gola provides maximum protection from the sun and dust with ability to close at the front as well as the back. It also features convenient holes to accommodate earmuffs or other helmet attachments, making it versatile in many industries.

Both hats are easy to maintain, are light, cool and comfortable to wear.

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