Sweat GUTR

Sweat GUTR™ is the ultimate sweatband solution; built to keep sweat from running into your eyes and blurring your vision. The patented MicroLip™ design works by capturing and channelling dripping sweat away from your eyes, so you can focus on what matters – not the sweat.

Patented GUTR Technology

Blocks and channels sweat away from eyes and glasses
Improves vision by greatly reducing fogging and streaking in glasses

Low Profile Design

Retains less heat than cloth headbands, bandanas and wraps
Works well with various helmets, hats and eyewear

Custom Fitting System

Fully adjustable for maximum comfort
Our sweatband custom fits a wide range of head sizes

Sweat Proof Material

Never saturates
Amazingly lightweight and comfortable
Easy to clean

Part Numbers

Code Colour Description
SG SP FR Frosted Sweat GUTR Sports

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