Keep cool, with the Kool Tie

Now that we are in the middle of the long hot summer, it’s the perfect time to get yourself some Kool Ties.

The Kool Ties are the perfect accessory to stay cool and refreshed during the summer months. The ties contain Polymer Crystals that absorb and retain water which then cools you down by the process of evaporation. Simply soak the tie in water for 10-15 minutes which activates the crystals and place around your neck when ready. You can also refrigerate the ties for extra coolness. They are best suited to be wrapped around the neck, but can also be used as a headband or around your wrists.

The Kool Ties are also available in a range of different colour options from Navy to Silver Grey and many more.

How to use the Kool Tie



For more information on the Kool Ties – Click Here

adminKeep cool, with the Kool Tie